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Nature's Embrace: Elevate Your Home with Our Wood Accents

Embark on a journey with our Wood Accents collection, seamlessly blending rustic charm with modern living. As a family-owned company rooted in Charlotte, NC, we proudly present an array of exquisite reclaimed wood products, ranging from wood shelves and barn doors to timeless furniture. Our meticulously crafted accents infuse the warmth of reclaimed wood into your living space, offering natural beauty, eco-friendly solutions, and enduring quality. Explore customizable options, including floating, corner, and wall-mounted wood shelves, sliding barn doors, and versatile furniture styles tailored to your unique space. Committed to local craftsmanship and sustainability, we prioritize authentic reclaimed wood, contributing to a circular economy. Immerse your home in the harmony of reclaimed wood, make a statement with sustainable elegance, and celebrate nature’s craftsmanship with our Wood Accents collection.


Make Your Next Project a Success

Located in Charlotte NC, we specialize in providing high-quality recycled wood products and sustainable reclaimed lumber building materials.