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Cope & Stick assures that our products meet the specifications outlined in our documentation and pricing quotes. We will replace any items that do not meet the standards for species, character, size, profile, dimensions or quality.

We are not responsible for issues arising from the transportation, storage, site conditions, installation, or maintenance of our products. Upon receiving our product, customers must inform their merchant of any discrepancies in quality and accuracy within 5 days of delivery.

Before installation, it is the responsibility of the consumer/installer to thoroughly inspect each item. Installation implies acceptance of the material, and replacements or returns will not be accepted afterward. Cope & Stick bears no responsibility or liability once the material is installed. If there are concerns about the product’s quality or specifications, refrain from installing it and contact the local Cope & Stick merchant for a replacement.

Once installed, the product is considered satisfactory and cannot be returned or replaced. In cases of moisture-related issues or the use of substandard products, the installer is responsible for repair and/or replacement costs.

Our installation and maintenance recommendations align with industry standards, and a professional contractor or authorized installer should handle job-specific details.

Please note that product returns must be in their original condition within 60 days of delivery to qualify for full compensation. Returns that are not palletized or in their original condition will incur a processing fee.

Located in Charlotte NC, we specialize in providing high-quality recycled wood products and sustainable reclaimed lumber building materials.