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With an impressive history of quality craftsmanship and environmental conservation, our team at Cope & Stick has become an industry leader in making sure that all recycled materials are transformed into beautiful works of art that can be enjoyed for years to come. At Cope & Stick, we provide one-of-a-kind pieces to bring your home, business, or any other space to life. We have beams, mantels, floating shelves, flooring, box beams, wall paneling, and ceiling paneling that can be used for any project. We also offer unique items such as hand-carved wine screws dating back to the 1650s from countries such as Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and France. Furthermore, you can find beautiful French oak from peasant houses and piers from Venice when you shop with us. Last but not least, we have a huge selection of antique farmhouse barn doors and gates from all over the world that are sure to give your property that special touch. We are located at 3400a Latrobe Dr. Charlotte, NC 28211, and have around 10–11 workers at the moment. We have a 1.5-acre lot with a 15,000-square-foot building. We are a family-run company. Northern Ohio is the primary source of our American salvaged wood. We also have another warehouse full of reclaimed mixed hardwood (mainly oak) in Edgefield, South Carolina. Our solid industrial oak product, which can be used as paneling or flooring, is made out of these planks. Jim Hicks has been in the reclaimed wood business for over two decades, taking down mills in the southeast of the United States. He has reused and recycled more than 22 million square feet of barns, buggy factories, old town companies, broom works, and other buildings in North and South Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee. Seeing the need to become more efficient and less time-consuming, Jim created Cope & Stick, a company that specializes in large-scale wholesale operations with some retail outlets growing more and more.

Located in Charlotte NC, we specialize in providing high-quality recycled wood products and sustainable reclaimed lumber building materials.