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Reclaimed wood beams are the perfect way to create stunning accent walls and ceilings. They’re exceptional for interior design. An easy DIY project never looked so good! Our rustic wood beams come in a variety of styles and sizes, so it will be easy for you to find something that fits your vision perfectly. Plus, no two pieces are exactly alike; each one is unique and will add character to any room or space!

A room with wooden beams in the ceiling.
A white kitchen with wood beams in the ceiling.
A living room with wood beams on the roof
A white living room with reclaimed wooden beams.


Reclaimed wood beams are often much stronger than new wooden beams due to the drying process that occurs as they age, meaning they can last decades while still maintaining their shape and structure. Additionally, reclaimed wood beams can help reduce your environmental footprint by recycling existing materials instead of creating more waste. They come with all the typical markings common for salvaged wood such as nail holes and mortise pockets plus a natural patina created from years of exposure to the elements that adds depth and texture. With so many possibilities for customization , our  rustic wood beams will give your space a truly one-of-a-kind look and feel you won’t find anywhere else.

The main difference between hand-hewn and rough-sawn beams lies in their production method and appearance. Hand-hewn beams are manually crafted using traditional tools, resulting in a textured, rustic surface with irregularities and tool marks. On the other hand, rough-sawn beams are cut with a sawmill, yielding a smoother surface with visible saw marks and a more uniform appearance.

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