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In the picturesque landscapes of Lake Lure, Asheville, a testament to modern elegance emerges in the form of the Modern Mountain Home project. Completed in 2019 by Vineyard Architecture, this residence seamlessly blends contemporary design with the rustic charm of the surrounding mountains. The choice of materials played a pivotal role in achieving this balance, with beams, trim, mantles, and stairs carefully selected to harmonize with the natural beauty of the location. The heart of this project lies in the thoughtful use of Rustic White Oak Flooring, transforming the interiors into spaces that exude warmth and character. 

Client: The Modern Mountain Home
Location: Lake Lure, NC
Completion: 2019
Designer: Vineyard Architecture
Products Used: Rustic White Oak Flooring, Mantels, Beams

 As you navigate through the home, the flooring not only serves as a foundation but also as a storytelling element, connecting the occupants with the history and resilience of the wood.

Vineyard Architecture’s keen eye for detail is evident in the meticulous placement of beams, trim, mantles, and stairs, creating an atmosphere that complements the surrounding mountainous terrain. The designer’s choice to incorporate these elements speaks to a commitment to authenticity and a desire to harmonize the structure with its environment. 

Mountain home with a fireplace
Mountain home hallway
A cozy home with reclaimed wood flooring
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