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Furniture Protection for Pet Owners Made Easy

Having a pet in your home can be incredibly rewarding, however, it also comes with the hassle of keeping your furniture and belongings safe from damage. All pet owners must take necessary steps to protect their furniture from paws, claws, and fur, but how do you ensure that delicate pieces like couches, chairs, and beds remain clean and scratch-free? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll outline simple yet effective strategies to protect furniture from pets while also making sure that they can stay comfortable in their own homes.

Some Ways Our Pets Can Cause Damage


Scratches are a common problem when it comes to protecting wooden furniture from pets, especially if you just brought home a new dog or cat. Training is time-consuming and may result in recurring costs.

Chewing on wooden tables

This is a common habit in canines of all ages. Chewing on objects helps them alleviate tension and strengthens their teeth. Obviously however, bite imprints on our couches can accelerate wear and tear. When a dog begins chewing on furniture it can be a hard habit for them to stop; you know that adage about old dogs…


Accidents can leave spots on your sofas and chairs. Puppies and kittens can be untidy while learning the rules, so preparing your furniture for a new companion is critical.

Muddy paw prints

If you have a large yard and your pup enjoys being outside, you are probably familiar with dirty paw prints. Dirt, soil, or debris on rugs or on sofas can take time to clean and, if left unattended, can cause unwelcome marks. Pet-proofing your house is essential to eliminate marks from furnishings while also reducing cleaning time.


Unless you have a hairless pet, tidying up hair is most likely a daily occurrence. As dogs and cats shed dead hair to make room for healthy new hair, a lot of that hair ends up clinging onto our furnishings and even onto our clothes. Some species of pets shed all year and others only once a year, but shedding is natural and generally cannot be avoided.

Ways to Protect Furniture from Pets

Use pet covers

Pet covers are an essential for any pet owner looking to dog-proof and cat-proof their belongings. Not only do these furniture covers provide protection from fur, dirt, and paw prints, but they also help keep your sofa free from stains and spills. They come in a variety of stylish designs to match your décor and are made from materials that are machine washable and easy to clean. Best of all, pet covers can easily be taken off at the end of the day or when visitors come over.

Create a regular grooming routine

Setting up a regular grooming routine for your pet will reduce the amount of hair that might fly around your home, as well as ensure that their coat stays healthy and shiny. Nail trimming should be done on a regular basis too, both to keep the length under control and to prevent sharp nails from causing any accidental scratches on furniture. Establishing this routine early in their lives will help get them used to being groomed.

Invest in pet beds

Investing in furniture specifically designed for your pet can be a great way to protect your own furniture. Protecting your sofa, chairs and tables is important as they are expensive investments that you don’t want damaged due to scratches or fur buildup. Spending a bit of money on pet furniture for your pet to enjoy freely ensures you save yourself time and money on repairs or replacements on more expensive items down the road.

Make sure your pet gets enough exercise

Keeping your pets active is essential to maintaining their wellbeing as well as  protect your furniture. Daily walks, playtime with toys, and trips to the doggy park will get their hearts pumping and stimulate their minds. Exercise can also help prevent problematic behaviors such as excessive barking, destructive chewing, digging, or house soiling. Regular exercise for your pets may take a bit of effort on your part but it’s worth the investment; a tired pup is much less likely to try sneaking onto the couch or scratching up your armchair. Getting cats or other small pets to exercise can be a bit more challenging but there are plenty of blogs with creative ideas out there. Making sure your pet gets enough exercise can spare you frustration and keep both you and your furry friend happy!

Choose pet-friendly upholstery

It’s important to choose your furniture upholstery wisely when you’re living with a pet. Durable upholstery fabrics can protect furniture from scratches, accidents, and messes that occur from having an animal companion in the home. Options like microfiber and leather furniture look attractive, are highly stain-resistant, and are easy to clean. It’s even possible to find eco-friendly materials made from recycled goods if you want to be environmentally conscious in your decision making. With these materials you can be confident that your furniture will remain beautiful for years after purchasing it.

Make use of “cat deterrent” tape

These double-sided tape strips will not attract your cat; in fact, they will deter them. Put it on any scratch-prone sections of your furnishings to keep them out of the cat’s interest.

Provide your pets with toys

Keeping your pet entertained is essential to keeping your home in its best condition and keeping them busy and out of trouble. Toys can provide your pet with hours of fun engaging them in activities that can help keep them away from any ornaments on display or furniture pieces. Not only will it help protect your furniture but it will also ensure that they’re getting the mental stimulation they need even when it is too wet or cold to go outside.

Establish pet-free zones

Keeping certain rooms in your home closed off from your pets is an essential part of protecting your furniture. Pets love to explore and will tend to interact with anything they have access to. Secluding certain areas of the home can keep them away from items you want to keep safe such as furniture, carpets, or any other valuables.

Utilize lint rollers

If you have furry pets, it is important to be prepared for the extra housework that comes along with them. To protect your couch from becoming covered in pet hair, consider keeping lint rollers or packing tape on hand for quick and easy pick-up of hairs that accumulate between vacuuming. You can use lint rollers to quickly wipe away fur from couches and chairs, while packing tape works great for removing stubborn pet hair from textiles such as carpeting and rugs.

Consider citrus air fresheners

Dog-proofing your furniture and your cherished fabrics from pet damage may be as simple as a bit of citrus-scented air freshener. Not only will it make your home smell good, but cats and dogs typically detest citrus aromas – meaning they’ll stay away from furniture treated with this spray. It won’t harm the fabric either, making this an affordable way to maintain both the cleanliness and integrity of the furniture in your home.

With the products available today, protecting your furniture from pets has never been easier! With the right combination of pet-friendly materials and simple preventive measures, you can easily protect your furniture from everyday wear and tear caused by your furry family members. So go ahead and pet-proof your home with the many solutions available to you to ensure that you get the most out of both the pets and the furniture you have invested in.

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