Reclaimed Wood



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vintage lumber yard
furniture + millwork

Cope and Stick is a Charlotte, North Carolina based Vintage Lumber Yard, furniture and millwork shop. Driven by a passion for innovation in design, quality, and functionality - our focus is to be the leading provider of reclaimed building material. Specializing in providing the best vintage bricks and reclaimed wood both nationally and internationally, we are able tell a story with each piece of history we sell.

We maintain partnering agreements with deconstruction and demolition companies throughout the Southeast, Midwest and East Coast to maintain a consistent inventory to provide a variety of reclaimed material to our wholesale, architects, developers, contractors and consumers. Cope and Stick sees great potential where competitors see no value.




Installation Management

We manage and have relationships with our installers who have agreed to our stringent installation procedures. They are all experienced not only with flooring but specifically with installing reclaimed flooring.



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Deconstruction Projects

We manage and supervise all wood, brick and product recovery from the moment the building begins demolition until the finished product reaches the consumer.



Manufacturing Methods

We’ve streamlined the preparation and manufacturing process by reducing waste and increasing the overall yield. Ask us about manufacturing material you own.


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Buying Techniques

We buy a variety of unusual, one of kind, quality materials and house them in one location to make it easy for our consumers to shop. We also buy raw product and sell finished products.


Our Work